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Grasshopper Mower

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Grasshopper sells their mowers through 900+ rainbow dealerships throughout the country. But each of those dealerships sells competitive brands, too…many of which, though cheaper quality, are sold at a cheaper price. How could we keep the dealers from taking the easy, less expensive sale of a competitive brand versus a more difficult sell of the higher quality, higher priced Grasshopper mower?


Grasshopper is higher priced because it’s built with so much more precision. What this means for the end user is a truly superior cut and a mower that would perform for many years to come. To make sure our end users heard this story loud and clear, without relying on the dealers to communicate it, we needed to reach them where Grasshopper hadn’t really advertised before—deep in the digital world. The goal: create a pull strategy for our products, so when customers walked into a dealership they’d be asking for it by name, making the sale of Grasshopper mowers so much easier for dealers.

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