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before your restaurant.

Social is the most precise, measurable, and affordable marketing tool available. However, the accessibility that makes it so desirable also makes it competitive, overflowing with advertising and marketing messages. So how do you cut through the clutter?

It’s been said that the tools don’t make the craftsmen, and the same is true for social. Our work starts long before we log on with a process we built over years of working with clients, giving us a framework to craft a social identity that fits your restaurant brand.

Woman taking a photo of her meal for a social media post
Woman taking a photo of her meal for a social media post

The Proof

is in the process

Before we create boosted posts or paid ads, we identify your goals. Trying to increase foot traffic? Or advertise your new patio? Every action on your page should start with measurable goals that drive the creative, which varies by platform. Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, SnapChat all offer your restaurant unique audiences. Our job is to make sure your messages are on the right platforms to hit your numbers and build your brand.

Creative + Targeting

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hits the spot

In the words of Emeril Lagasse, we like to add some BAM! to your social content. Our creative kooks (and resolute professionals) carefully concept boosted posts and paid ads to curate your calendar with a mix of content to spice up your page.

Boosted posts let us reach your loyal consumers with the food they love—yours. While a paid ad strategy helps us grow your followers, extending your reach to bring new fans into the fold. Hypertargeting and audience segmentation lets us get even more granular, all but hand-delivering your posts, promotions and limited time offers to the right people, driving them from the comments to your menu.

Results + Analytics

all day

With feedback and analytics running in real time, we’re constantly learning about your audience. The flexibility of social allows us to not only edit your campaigns with a click, but also conduct brand reputation management.

If you know the service industry, you know service means assisting customers who aren’t always happy. We’re active daily on your page monitoring comments, direct messages and even social listening tools. With the magic of human empathy, responsiveness (and maybe a gift card), we turn those experiences into opportunities to keep customers coming back.

If we do our jobs right, your food won’t just be the topic of conversation. It’ll be the building block of online communities. Even entire fandoms. More importantly, it’ll be what’s on their plate.

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Woman getting takeout from restaurant
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The social strategy Littlefield used brought us success on Facebook and Instagram that actually translated into sales in our dining room.

– mike payne, franchise owner



hot promotion

RibCrib Potato social media post on Facebook


Sales and tickets at a handful of small-town locations were stalled or declining.


Our insight? Spuds sell, and at a higher profit margin than other menu items. So we ran a focused, store traffic campaign on Facebook and Instagram promoting a one-day only LTO for a discounted loaded baked potato.


Targeted restaurant locations sold over 3,500 baked potatoes in just one day‚ five times their daily average. Now that’s one super spud.

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