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What makes a customer choose your restaurant? It’s about more than what’s on your menu. It’s about media—the ingredient that’s not glamorous, but crucial to the whole marketing and advertising process. It’s about being where your target audience is when they’re deciding on a meal—online and in the real world. That’s where we come in, whipping up a strategic media mix that uses the best combination of digital, timing, and analytics to drive people to your restaurant.
Woman looking at her phone while she dines out and has a salad
Woman looking at her phone while she dines out and has a salad


before the media plan

Before we spend any money, we spend time conducting a deep audience analysis, and reviewing your current media spending, plus competitive spending and how they’re spending their media dollars.

All this research gives us an idea of the marketing landscape we’re dealing with as we craft your media strategy. We evaluate which channels would be most effective in reaching your target audience. Like where, when and how often we need to reach them and more. Every angle is taken into consideration to optimize your spend and churn out the desired results.

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Uh, what’s in

your media mix?

Everyone wants to know the secret to a great media mix, but most are just guessing. A true recipe doesn’t work by dumping random ingredients in. Instead, it takes a unique and precise mix to get it right. The media placement for your restaurant operates the same way.

We buy across a mix of digital media channels and social platforms, including Facebook, native display, the Google suite with search, display, YouTube and more. Traditional media also has a place in your media plan, because it carries your restaurant experience into the real world where your customers live, breathe and eat.

When it comes to the media that works, we don’t leave anything off the table. We’re constantly looking at new opportunities for advertising in both digital and traditional spaces. Plus, our relationship with Google allow us to stay ahead of the latest trends in marketing technology—and we use it to reach your audience in novel ways.

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The right message

for the right people

With your restaurant’s marketing goals in mind, we turn to finding the best tactic to capture your audience’s attention. Retargeting, geo-targeting and responsive campaign tactics on the digital side. Outdoor, print, guerrilla advertising and video on the traditional side. The various touchpoints help reinforce your message and keep your restaurant top-of-mind when people are planning their next meal.

The hypertargeting on digital helps us pinpoint your audience down to granular levels, by interests, occupation, or the areas near your restaurant locations. At this level, we’re able deliver relevant messages to your customers at every point in their search.


that makes them bite

The science behind which advertising tactic works and doesn’t work continues to get better every year, and with digital analytics, we’re able to see results in real time. We pit headline against headline, one offer versus another in A/B testing until we find the sweet spot. At any time, we can crack open the hood and change assets to optimize toward your goals and your budget. We also monitor the success of your traditional media tactics, checking to see what’s performing and what’s not.

Whether your fans are looking for a restaurant to celebrate as a family, hang out with the girls or grab a quick bite to-go, our job is to make sure you’re their first choice when they choose to eat out.

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Littlefield started out by reallocating our existing dollars to different media. Now we’re hitting our customers at the all right times and places.
– Caron Chandler, RibCrib
Marketing Director


Delivery-Focused Creative

delivers results

Select Social Media


With a low marketing budget and light social media presence, our client wanted a way to drive up sales, particularly online orders.


A dive into their sales showed an audience hungry for delivery, with many customers in urban centers with less travel flexibility. Our idea? Highlight delivery on social with engaging creative to capitalize on the demand.


This ad was clicked a grand total of 10,375 times with 3,554 unique users placing an order online. Talk about delivery. 

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