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Anyone can make content, just like anyone can make food. What makes it memorable and worth creating is the craft behind it. It’s the storytelling and purposeful, strategic messaging embedded in a sleek and appealing package. All this beckons consumers to take part not only in ordering your food, but also becoming part of the full experience surrounding your cuisine.

Woman taking a photo of her meal for a social media post
Woman taking a photo of her meal for a social media post

Branding Campaigns:

Forming Relationships With Your Restaurant

Winning over new customers and reminding your regulars why they love you is what branding campaigns are all about. Building you and your menu up in the mind of the consumer so when they’re hungry, you’re at the top of their consideration set. And yet it goes even further than that by tapping into emotions that forge a customer connection that’s more than tastebud deep.

Behind the curtain, there’s a careful mix of mechanisms at work, from the initial research and strategy development to creative concepting and its ultimate launch. Once the research is conclusive, if applicable, our strategy teams bestow one of the greatest gifts your brand (and we creatives) can get: The One Thing, or Spark.

It’s a single line that syncs what’s true about your brand with what’s unique. That intersection is your internal positioning line, and while it’s not for the public to fall in love with, it’s fair game for your team. For us, it serves as a compass to lead our creatives in a sound strategic direction while telling your story in a compelling way.

Promotional Campaigns:

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Put Your Best Food Forward

If branding ads are a slow burn, promotional campaigns whip up a wildfire of sales in quick spurts, like a month or two. Why? Limited time offers drive urgency—and with defined goals and intentional measurement, it’s simple to see their impact.

What also excites us about designing successful promotional campaigns for your restaurant is how they’re easily targeted to any section of your audience you’d like to reach. New customers, your invaluable regulars, families with kids, couples on date nights, you name it. Push new or seasonal menu items, cocktails, grand openings, online orders—the possibilities are endless. Pair that with the in-depth targeting and analytics resources available on Facebook and Google, and you’re looking at one of the safest bets out there when it comes to return on your advertising dollar.

Micro Campaigns:

Great Results In Small Bites

You know portion size isn’t the indicator of a delectable dish—and bite-sized advertising campaigns can be equally effective. Got a specific goal or location in mind? Micro campaigns are like regular campaigns, but julienne-cut for short timelines or smaller audience segments. (Yeah, we know terms.)

Our clients have seen online and in-store sales jump as a direct response to our ads, which we place heavily on social media and Google where they have the most effect. With limited time offers and straight-forward messaging, we stop the scroll and capitalize on our short timeframe to deliver maximum results.

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Woman getting takeout from restaurant
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The social strategy Littlefield used brought us success on Facebook and Instagram that actually translated into sales in our dining room.

– mike payne, franchise owner



hot promotion

RibCrib Potato social media post on Facebook


Sales and tickets at a handful of small-town locations were stalled or declining.


Our insight? Spuds sell, and at a higher profit margin than other menu items. So we ran a focused, store traffic campaign on Facebook and Instagram promoting a one-day only LTO for a discounted loaded baked potato.


Targeted restaurant locations sold over 3,500 baked potatoes in just one day‚ five times their daily average. Now that’s one super spud.

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