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a running tab of what’s working.

For years, restaurant brands were hard-pressed to answer one simple question: Will it work? Food is your passion but it’s also your business, with marketing being no small investment. What’s it doing for your bottom line? We monitor your business’s overall performance with how your advertising is affecting check averages, year-over-year sales and foot traffic for your overall brand down to individual locations.
Charts and graphs on a mobile smartphone laying on top of hamburger and chips food
Charts and graphs on a mobile smartphone laying on top of hamburger and chips food

predicting analytics

right here, right now

Predictive analytics sounds like the greatest thing since sliced bread because it is. We use your past advertising activity to understand which tactics, channels and promotions have gotten you the most success. Then we apply our predictive analytics algorithm to find out what media—and how much of it—will hit your goals and cut through the noise.

This is huge. Not only can you prove ROI on your restaurant’s advertising, but you also remove the guesswork, saving money on the channels that don’t help meet your objectives.

predicting analytics

a measurement map

for your goals

When you have so many plates spinning at once, it’s easy to lose sight of which marketing tactics drive specific goals. Soon enough, you forget to check if what you’re doing is actually doing anything. That’s a problem we can solve.

Every action you do should have a precise goal attached to it so we can measure effectiveness—whether that’s as broad as brand awareness or as defined as a local promotion or limited time offer. Our measurement plan is simply a map of these actions and their corresponding tactics, with ongoing analytics running to root out any that are not performing.

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A/B testing:

may the best ad run

The best way to know which advertising headline, image, layout or call-to-action works is to test them against each other with A/B testing. We analyze how potential customers react to different variations of your restaurant’s message and optimize for what works. That way, more of your budget goes to results.

This also extends to your website, email marketing, social ads and more. Once we have statistically significant results, we provide data-driven recommendations that further your restaurant’s digital campaigns.

Your digital media


Instead of waiting until it’s all a wrap before diving into your advertising analytics, now you can see them in real time with our digital dashboard.

Your restaurant’s dashboard covers campaign and website performance, using your measurement plan as the guide. Not only are the results valuable for you, but they’re also readily available for your stakeholders.

When it comes to budgets, measurement is the best tool to trim the fat off your campaigns. It ties your marketing objectives into the bigger brand picture, showing us what tactics drive results for your business. That way you funnel dollars to what you know sells your food.

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yellow quote
It’s been really helpful to know the analytics behind our digital campaigns paired with the actual sales numbers from our restaurants. It definitely helps our budget go further.
– Garrett Mills, RibCrib
President and CEO


small boost saves

easter sunday sales

RibCrib Easter Dinner LTO social media post on Facebook and Instagram


With their media budget paused and all restaurant locations limited to delivery due to COVID-19, our client’s Easter Meal Special wasn’t getting noticed. Or ordered.


Families were craving a holiday together with great food, regardless of the pandemic. And where are they spending time? Facebook. We convinced the client that even a minimal boost that was hyper-targeted would gain traction for their promotion.


With a three-figure budget and one email for support, we promoted a targeted LTO ad to the restaurant’s audience. They saw a 17,400% return on their media investment in one of the most difficult economies for restaurants.

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