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It’s no newsflash to restaurants that they need to be online—the question is, what’s the secret in the sauce? Running a successful digital and social media campaign is both an art and a science, so while there’s no cookie-cutter answer, we can tell you it’s the careful combination of strategy, a precise media mix, creative, targeting and measurement. 

That’s what’s under the hood. The digital landscape gives us the tools to tell your story in a powerful way, cooking up conversations around your food. With audience segmentation and relevant targeting, we get a better picture of who your fans are. We take the analytics and translate them into insights, which we use to continuously improve your brand’s digital and social presence.  

Traditional media still has a place in your restaurant’s media plan. It’s a staple that carries the experience into the real world—like on-the-go with a billboard or on the couch with a commercial. Paired with a digital strategy, you’ve got a spread worth all five Michelin stars.

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Woman taking a photo of her food at a restaurant to post on social media
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Littlefield helped us understand our audience; who they were and how they were engaging with our brand. That really helped us tailor our content strategy.
-Sean Ferguson, RibCrib
Director of Brand Marketing



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