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Your B2B Customers Have Moved to Mobile. Have You?

February 7th, 2019

As an agency, we’re big on not guessing. Whether it’s media strategy or campaign direction, we rely on data and market insights to be our guiding light. And you know who prides themselves on having an absurd volume of data and insights? Google. Which is why we have a strategic partnership with the information-collecting behemoth.

In fact, we recently held a two-day Google event for our clients, featuring Google’s Agency Business Development Manager, Mike Gaudio. Not only did he present current best practices, he also shared online marketing technology that’s on the horizon in regards to B2B companies. He spoke for at least three hours both days, providing more content than we can share here, so we’ll distill it down to one key takeaway...

Mobile. Mobile. Mobile.

You’re probably reading this on your phone right now while sitting in a meeting lamenting the fact that you’re sitting in a meeting.

And if there was any question, yes, mobile is vitally crucial in the B2B space. Being the big data folks that we are, we’ll let these mad stacks of stats from various studies, including a joint study between Google and Boston Consulting Group (BCG), carry the rest of this article for us:

BCG indicates that mobile marketing can accelerate time to B2B purchase by 20%¹.

90% of B2B buyers are likely to buy from the same vendor if their mobile experience is positive vs. only 50% of buyers who had a poor experience¹.

50% of B2B queries today are made on smartphones. BCG expects that figure to grow to 70% by 2020².

80% of B2B buyers are using mobile at work, and more than 60% report that mobile played a significant role in a recent purchase. Moreover, some 70% of B2B buyers increased mobile usage significantly over the past two to three years, and 60% expect to continue to increase their mobile usage³.

Need further proof? We recently completed a six-month campaign for one of our biggest B2B clients. Between June and December, through several different digital tactics (you better believe mobile banner ads were one of the them), 75% of users visited the site from a mobile device.

Your B2B Customers Have Moved to Mobile. Have You?

So, now that you have a pretty good idea where your customers are headed, are your mobile marketing efforts for 2019 in line to keep pace? 

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