Is Your Ad Agency Doing These 5 Things?
April 2017

We have a saying around here that goes something like this—the last thing a B-to-B brand should do is act like one.

The reason is simple: Your B-to-B customers are still consumers, and the line between work and home has never been more gray. Some of your customers office out of the house, most check both personal and work emails on the same mobile device, and, yes, many surf the web for personal reasons (Amazon, Facebook, etc.) while at work. So now their expectations for what a B-to-B brand experience should be is exactly the same as they’re experiencing every day of the week from the best consumer brands out there.

So the million dollar question is this: Is your ad agency keeping your B-to-B brand experience current and relevant as consumers jump back and forth from work to personal and personal to work? If your agency is addressing these five topics, then kudos to you for picking a great ad agency.

1. Putting as much emphasis on your mobile web experience as they are desktop web experience.

If they’re not, they should be. Mobile traffic for most B-to-B brands crossed the 50% mark more than a few years ago. Many of our B-to-B clients are seeing up to 2/3 of their traffic coming in the form of mobile. If that’s the case, shouldn’t you be putting a huge emphasis on the mobile experience?

2. Giving you real-time access to KPIs and/or setting up a weekly, monthly or quarter Analytics meeting with you and your team.

The world changes on the fly. Now your media and ad campaigns can, too. And, hopefully, your agency is tracking results in real-time, making adjustments as you go and making buying decisions based on real results.

3. Using new technologies like virtual reality (VR) to further your customer experience.

Were you the first in your industry to really utilize SEM? What about social? Mobile? The list goes on and on. Now, have you looked at ways to utilize VR, like at trade shows, to help keep your brand experience on the forefront? At the very least, your ad agency should be bringing these ideas to you before you see them embraced and utilized by your competition.

4. Using social (especially Facebook) as not just another one-way media channel, but as a way to truly build relationships with customers.

If you don’t have a robust fan base on Facebook, you should start building one right now. And with a small media budget, engaging those fans—in an extremely targeted manner—is easier than ever. Best of all, unlike a 3% open rate on emails to engage with customers once a month, you can reach 80% of your fan base via Facebook on a daily basis. That’s powerful stuff.

5. Video, video, video.

The ways you can slice, dice, and serve up video now makes it one of the most effective ways to reach an audience with many different touch points: YouTube, Facebook, display, preroll, brand windows, trade shows, and so on. Best of all, with the low cost of digital and social promotion, the number of views you can get in a matter of weeks and months makes the per touch cost next to nothing. And a must-do for reaching your best customers more often than ever before. In how many ways is your agency using video content?

So there you have it: 5 simple things your agency should be doing for you and your brand. And if they’re not, get them to start in a hurry.

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