Why Facebook Is Essential For B2B Companies
February 2018

Sure, Facebook is a digital depository for funny cat videos, pictures of food, and seeing what the old high school gang is up to. But on the flip side, it’s also filled with countless opportunities for B2B businesses to connect and engage with a captive audience that cares about their products and services.

As it stands, many B2B marketers don’t believe Facebook is where they’ll find their customers. That couldn’t be further from the truth. 

B2B decision makers are on Facebook because, after all, they’re people too. And as we all know, people spend 80 percent of their online time on social media, where Facebook reigns. This means marketers have an opportunity to get in front of B2B prospects all day, every day.

But simply having an active Facebook page for your B2B business won’t generate many leads on its own. To reach and attract new business opportunities, marketers have to tap into Facebook’s advertising platform. Because we tell Facebook so much about ourselves (our likes, dislikes, where we work, who we’re related to, what brands we like, what news we read, where we went to high school, etc.), their ads have insanely specific targeting options. Leveraging these targeting options can get your message in front of the right people at the right time for very little money.

Want to reach prospects based on the industry they work in…their job title…business size…interests? Facebook has you covered.

Facebook’s ad placements are strong enough to get people to click—and have one of the lowest CPC (cost per click) among social networks. Sliding your business’ promotion between a post from Aunt Hazel and a friend from church gives it that organic feel that doesn’t scream “AD!” like most website banner ads do. Facebook also has an extended empire of ad placements including Instagram, Facebook Messenger, and their Facebook Display Network for off-Facebook reach.

With very modest media budgets, Facebook can move the needle for most businesses through their targeting and placements options.

Of course, the voice and tone of a B2B brand’s ads and posts also matters. Once you get in front of the right audience, you still need to communicate to them in a way that’s authentic and relevant to them. 

Knowing most people use Facebook on a mobile device and are there for the aforementioned funny cat videos should inform the content that you create for them. For instance, if you post a video of your CEO talking about a new product, you better make sure captions are enabled because chances are, the viewer’s volume is off because they’re watching at church or their kid’s little league game.

Beyond the ads and reach, Facebook also serves another often unrealized service to participating brands—SEO (search engine optimization). That’s how you show up on search engines such as Google (your true home page online).

With over 2.2 billion active users every day, Facebook is a big-time web authority—basically the Internet Part 2. Posts on Facebook help link building strategies to drive people to a brand’s content and, most importantly, conversion points on your website.

So if you’re a B2B business and think Facebook can’t help you connect with your clients, you might want to reconsider. Facebook is where people spend their time online, and it’s people that make up businesses.

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