Communication Relevance in an Ever-Changing World
February 2017

As we fly through the New Year, it’s important to stay up to—or even better—ahead of the numerous new communication trends that will be adopted as the year goes by. What is your company going to do to stay relevant against competitors, or even lead the way within your industry? Follow these steps below, and you will find a more successful year ahead, with your competitors trying to keep up with you. 

Using the Power of Video to Tell Your Brand Story

Long gone are the days of brochure websites and paragraphs upon paragraphs of text. We live in the most distracted and chaotic time our world has ever seen. The average attention span last year for an adult was eight seconds—down from twelve seconds in 2000. So with all of these distractions, how does your business catch the attention of your end user and better engage them with your brand?  Through enticing videos leveraging the most appropriate media platforms to promote your product and increase brand awareness. 

Did you know that a video within an email leads to a 200-300% increase in click-through rates? No matter how long the video is or its’ content, a user is more intrigued by the play button than written copy.  While this is a great tactic to increase your email effectiveness, it is important to keep in mind what a user is looking for across different channels when creating and leveraging your video content.  

For example, we produce many product videos for clients introducing and featuring their latest, greatest equipment.  We then leverage those videos on YouTube, where users are willing to spend more time in viewing the video in its entirety—usually two to three minutes in length. Although that may seem short, a user on Facebook usually stops watching a video after eighteen seconds because they continue to scroll through their feed in search of status updates, pictures, etc.  Videos will definitely enhance interaction with your user in all platforms, but make sure to do so with your audience in mind so they are engaged for the appropriate amount of time you need them to be.   

Think outside the box more than ever to reach your prospects and customers.

Although you may think of yourself as the trendsetter within your industry, it is always important to remember that your competitors are continually looking for ways to better engage your end user prospect to outperform and outsell you. Are you being as creative as you can be to do the same?  Here is a great example of finding unique a unique way to reach a target audience.

Toward the end of last year, 60 Minutes reported a segment about “How Unconventional Thinking Transformed a War-Torn Colombia.” If you haven’t seen it, I’d highly recommend watching it here. Most of these soldiers haven’t seen their families in years, so the government partnered with one of Colombia’s top agencies to create a series of campaigns around Christmas to convince these men to come home to their mothers. “Operation Rivers of Light” was adopted, and people sent messages through lighted capsules that floated down the rivers of Colombia, encouraging the soldiers to demobilize. The campaigns were incredibly successful, with hundreds of young men returning to their families from the dense Colombian jungle to more quickly end their country’s rebel conflict with the government. 

The idea was simple yet inspiring. What can your company realistically do to catch the attention of your end user? Try to think of unique ways of connecting with your customer and doing so through a compelling story that will attract them to your brand.  Don’t have any ideas?  Hire an agency.  Hell, hire us!

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