June 9, 2020

Why Does My Restaurant Website (Or App) Suck?

This week on Littlefield SoundBites, Steve “Grey Hair” Roop and Chelsea “Pretty Long Hair” Clement dive back into the digital world to discuss the answer to the age-old question: Why does my website or app suck?

A restaurant’s website or app should function as a tool. Whether it’s sending new diners to your location or showing up near the top of search and location results, a website or app should always be working for you and your restaurant.

So, why does your site suck at doing those things?

It’s a question we get asked time and again. More often than not, your website sucks for a variety of reasons.


The 3 Main Problems Your Website Is Facing

Outdated Design

Chelsea notes that the biggest problem brands have is with the look and feel of their site. Normally, that’s because the site is out of date and out of style. Brands, especially restaurants, should be updating their site every three to four years. Your website and app are a reflection of your brand. If they look outdated, you look outdated.

 Lack of Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Ever wondered why your restaurant is so far down the Google search results page? Meet SEO. While more technical and hairy to fix than a site redesign, there is still a lot you can do to take advantage of your SEO opportunities. For example, content is key. If you’ve been ignoring your content, you are ignoring a huge SEO opportunity. SEO changes frequently. Your site has to be ready to keep up with it, whether through keywords or consistent content.

User Experience that doesn’t prioritize the restaurant customer

User experience can make or break your website or app. Bad user experience can be something simple. For example, if users are struggling to find your menu or hours on your site, kiss their business goodbye. They are on to the next closest restaurant’s site browsing their menu and making sure they’re open. Bad user experience is a killer. Good user experience is a money maker.

Does My Restaurant need a Website AND an App?

If you’re a restaurant, the answer is yes. You need both. Most users will find and experience the digital you from a browser search or social post. Once they’re repeat customers, a loyalty app with a reward system and quick ordering function will cement their experience. For restaurants, not only is an app important. It’s an expectation.

How to Adjust Your Restaurant Website or App

Trust the Process

Whether you decide to rebuild your website or app, they generally follow the same process. First up, a content inventory. At this stage, we review the existing content on your site or app. We’re looking at what you have, what you’re missing, and how content could be used to improve other factors, like SEO and user experience. Next, it’s time for the wireframe.

A wireframe is essentially the blueprint of your site or app. It will outline how your site or app will look and function. After the wireframe, it’s design time. Once the design is finalized, everything will move to the development stage, where it’s finally built. This may sound like an exhaustive process, but it’s key for turning your website or app into a converting tool, turning people into loyal diners.

Content is Key to Website Upkeep

The hard work isn’t over. Just because your website or app is built doesn’t mean it’s done. You need ongoing support with content creation and SEO monitoring. Say it louder for the people in the back, CONTENT IS KEY. Google wants to see fresh, new content. This helps Google understand that your site is active and monitored. And again, SEO changes. Keep an eye on it to make sure you don’t miss any key opportunities.

Mobile, Mobile, Mobile

Google no longer crawls desktop sites anymore, only the mobile version. Mobile is everything. That’s because mobile is where things are happening. The average site has somewhere between 65 – 75% mobile usage.

Preparing for a mobile world is important. Luckily, you’re not alone. Websites and apps just need a little love and maintenance, and we’re here to help with everything.


  • A restaurant’s website or app should function as a tool, working hard for your success. Why does yours suck? A variety of reasons. Outdated design, bad SEO and poor user experience could be weighing you down. But, with a rebuild and a little maintenance, your website or app will be working hard for your restaurant brand in no time.