Steve Roop



Digital & Social Director,

specializing in social campaigns

Steve Roop

Roop added another layer of talent to the agency when he joined Littlefield early in 2012. With him he brought an enormous amount of real-world digital experience—with his biggest claim to fame as being a key player in helping move ESPN from a traditional TV brand to a powerhouse on the web. Other credits include developing and managing websites for big brands like the Breeders’ Cup and the LPGA. Since joining Littlefield, he’s been a key catalyst in not just web development, but in growing our content management and social chops with all of our brands.

When he isn’t working, chances are Roop can be found at a neighborhood comic book store, scouring shelves in the ongoing search for the first appearance of Spider-Man, and his personal Holy Grail—Amazing Fantasy No. 15.

Steve Roop
Mexican restaurant meal chips salsa southwestern food


food experience

Mexican restaurant meal chips salsa southwestern food
When I was a kid, there was a Mexican restaurant in town that was THE PLACE to be. It didn’t have the greatest food, but it offered the greatest atmosphere and experience. It was a magical place full of indoor waterfalls, caves, arcades and “old Mexico at night”, which more than made up for their average enchiladas. My sisters and I loved it. Let’s just say it rhymes with Basa Conita, and there’s still one open in Denver. And yes, it still carries the magic and charm, reminding me of my childhood.


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