Shreena Patel



Digital Manager,

specializing in web development

Shreena Patel

Shreena started her career at a software development company, where she cemented her skills in development. Digital Manager, Shreena’s coding magic brings all kinds of projects to life—from digital display and e-blasts to web apps and deep, complex websites. To the most of us, it’s a bunch of computer mumbo jumbo, but the end result is always polished, user-friendly, responsive and clean. Needless to say, Shreena makes us—and more importantly, our clients—look good.

Our resident jet-setting Brit, Shreena’s passport is stacked. She’s been everywhere and seen just about everything, but when she’s home, she likes to slow down and enjoy the simple things—like bonding with her twin boys, Kai and Kal.


Shreena Patel
Japanese sushi collection


food experience

Japanese sushi collection

Whether it’s takeout or dine-in, my boys and I like to have sushi at least once a month. It’s the one food that we all crave often. We love challenging each other on who can eat the spiciest or craziest roll. This time together is where we create our favorite memories and get in all the laughter.


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