Kellye Hubble



Media Director


Kellye is a bonafide media planning expert with one goal in mind: to drive our restaurant clients’ ROI. How she gets them there is where she works her media magic, with strategized, custom placements that have been delivering results for 20+ years. She also comes with a portfolio that includes work for the world’s largest food brands, like McDonald’s, Taco Bell, KFC, IHOP, Papa John’s, Sutter Home wine brands—and that’s just the short list.

As Media Director at Littlefield Agency, Kellye helps our clients better connect with customers and find opportunities for growth outside of paid media—including loyalty programs, sweepstakes, events, guerilla advertising tactics and more. Working with our team of brand strategists and storytellers, she crafts media campaigns that focus on performance and analysis across all digital, traditional and social media applications.

Kellye has a huge heart for the outdoors, with a longtime love of wildlife photography and competitive horseback riding. Never one to do anything halfway, Kellye won the medal for horsemanship and competed for top honors at the AHSA national championships at Madison Square Garden.



food experience


Authentic Mexican food can’t be cooked at home, at least not by me. One of my favorite memories was eating at our favorite Mexican restaurant in San Antonio, Texas, and sitting at the Pope table. The Pope table was special, because it had a section in the middle that you could spin around to share appetizers, chips and salsa and their family style entries with the entire crew. They also made the best margarita pitchers in town.


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Katy Kite

Senior Art Director,
specializing in motion design

Steve Roop

Steve Roop

Digital & Social Media Director,
specializing in social campaigns