Christy Wills




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Christy Wills

Take one look at Christy’s repertoire of skills and what immediately stands out is a specialty for taking projects to the next level. Undaunted by scope or complexity, Christy has proven over her career that no job is too great for her to manage. Among the restaurant and entertainment brands she’s helped are Village Inn, Baker Square, and American Entertainment Properties, including Vegas casinos such as the Aquarius, Stratosphere and Arizona Charlie’s. There, she helped implement a project management software across four casinos and an entire corporation.

At Littlefield, Christy applies her managerial skills, attention-to-detail, and catalyzing ability to every project she touches. Not just as a liaison who meets clients’ marketing objectives—but a real leader to propel the agency’s brands into the future.

Christy lives her personal life with as much zest and passion as she works with—moving to Vegas three days after college graduation with no money in her pocket, then launching a career. She has also hiked the Grand Canyon and was a sorority sister of Carrie Underwood. Nowadays, she enjoys photography, reading and spending time with her husband and her son, Mickey.

Christy Wills
hmmm, breakfast


food experience

hmmm, breakfast

My favorite dining experience was our families traditional Sunday breakfast by the Newport Beach pier. There is something magical in starting your day with savory food, salty air and sunshine. It was the perfect set up for an easy going morning, afternoon nap and a relaxing evening.


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