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Shreena Patel


Digital Manager

Shreena joined Littlefield after spending several years at a software development company. Her desire to be a part of the agency world stemmed from her need to see her work come to life…on a weekly and even daily basis. That passion was a perfect fit for our developer group, and her background helps push our content creators to concept ideas that don’t just push industry standards, they break them. Furthermore, Shreena’s unique, diverse background adds a nontraditional view to the mix, which further adds to the agency’s drive create work that truly stands out.

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What’s on my card?

It’s simple. I love traveling and learning about new cultures. I love trying new cuisines and collecting stamps on my passport. I travel to learn and grow. The world is so big, so why sit still? There are two continents I haven’t been to. Can you guess which ones?