March 4, 2021

Littlefield Agency Hired To Help Incredible Pizza Bring Back Family Fun

Littlefield Agency is excited to announce that it has signed The Incredible Pizza Company as a new client.

 Started in Springfield, Missouri in 2002, Incredible Pizza was founded on the big idea that really good pizza and fun arcade-style games could bring people together in a big way. The idea took off, propelling the brand to seven locations across the Midwest with huge success. 

After the hits taken by the entertainment industry as a whole in 2020, Incredible Pizza is ready to be the hub for family fun again—and Littlefield Agency is ready to get their customers back in the door. 

By optimizing the brand’s media mix, monitoring performance and making adjustments based on analytics, the agency seeks to streamline Incredible Pizza’s spending on tactics that help them achieve—and transcend—their marketing and business goals.

“Incredible Pizza has provided families in the midwest with the best entertainment for 20 years,” said Sam Littlefield, President & CEO of Littlefield Agency. “It’s time for those families to safely gather again and we are excited to get them back into Incredible Pizza so they can enjoy great food and a great time.”

Founded in 1980, Littlefield Agency specializes in digital media & marketing for national restaurant brands.