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Littlefield Agency is excited to announce that it has promoted Brock Campbell to VP, Client Engagement

February 5th, 2020

After an experienced career that includes such big names as Walmart, Westar Energy, Cargill, and years of account management and strategic planning at Littlefield Agency, Campbell has proven to be a key component in the success of many of the agency’s clients, primarily BOK Financial, and in turn the agency as a whole.

Poised to head up the newly re-structured Client Engagement department, Campbell’s new role will allow him to focus more on driving the strategic direction of the agency’s brands and developing an in-depth understanding of clients’ business challenges and opportunities.

“Brock's passion for helping solve our clients' challenges is contagious,” said Sam Littlefield, President of Littlefield Agency. “We are a better and more strategic agency because of him and are incredibly confident in Brock leading client strategy for this year and many more to come in the future."

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