January 27, 2020

Chelsea Clement Promoted To Senior Manager, Client Engagement

Littlefield Agency is thrilled to announce that it has promoted Chelsea Clement to Senior Manager, Client Engagement.

After four years of account management at Littlefield Agency, client relationships and brand strategy are easily Clement’s wheelhouse.

With this transition, she’ll spend more time concentrating on strategic direction for the agency’s brands and developing an in-depth understanding of their business’ obstacles and opportunities.

“Chelsea was quickly able to immerse herself in our clients’ businesses and has answered the challenges we’ve given her over her four years at Littlefield Agency,” said Brock Campbell, VP Strategy. “We look forward to Chelsea’s future contributions in her new role.”

“Since she started working here nearly four years ago, Chelsea has demonstrated a passion for meeting her clients’ business objectives and goals,” said Sam Littlefield, President of Littlefield Agency. “She will excel in this new position, and we can’t wait to see her continue to develop our clients’ brands.”

Founded in 1980, Littlefield Agency specializes in digital media & marketing for national restaurant brands.