How We Do It

At Littlefield, our way of helping your B-to-B brand steal market share and increase sales has been proven time and again—with deeper intelligence, better engagement, and measuring just about everything. If we sound like your kind of agency, we’d love to talk.


The same intelligence that consumer brands have been using for years is also available for any B-to-B brand to use to better understand and reach potential customers. And that’s where we start with all of our brands—primary or secondary research, interviews, groups, ethnography, forums, surveys, and more—to get an in-depth look at your brand, industry, channel partners, and best prospects and customers. That’s how we discover a singularly focused message strategy that’s true to who you are, most relevant to your customers, and can be experienced at all brand touch points. 

What’s more, we take an in-depth look at where your target audience lives in both the physical and digital worlds, so we can reach more of your target, more often, for longer periods of time—to build deep, long-lasting relationships where you’ve never been able to build them before.

Conference Room

Once we know your strategy and where to best reach your target audience, we map out different emotional and rational messages for each stage of the modern marketing funnel. The better you work the marketing funnel with relevant messaging, the more sales opportunities you create. 

We also ask something big of our brands: we ask you to be brave. Not walk-out-on-the-ledge-for-the-sake-of-it bravery, but purposeful and calculated in how you connect with your customers—with engaging storytelling and great design. The reason? Your target is hit with so many messages throughout any given day, you have to tell your story in a way that truly stands out. 


While the digital world has made reaching customers more complex than ever before, it’s made measuring so much easier. And there’s nothing we like showing our clients more than results. So we track and measure almost everything we do. And we offer a real-time analytics platform that lets you see your data and results in a clear, easy-to-understand dashboard. 

Just as important, we’ll put any marketing or advertising data you have, from any department or partner, in the same dashboard—so we can compare, contrast, and offer real-time insights to have a positive effect on everything you do.

The bottom line is: we take advantage of the same resources the best consumer brands have been using for years to keep you and your brand two steps ahead of the competition. For B-to-B brands, this is truly the difference between stagnant sales and steady growth.